Should political journos vote?

Should political journalists vote?

TVNZ politics reporter Guyon Espiner doesn’t.

And I guess I can see why. I understand they need to maintain their objectivity as much as they can. And simply not voting is one way to do that.

I just find it hard to swallow – these are some of the most politically aware and informed people in the COUNTRY. And everyone has the right to vote (and you might say RESPONSIBILITY to vote). Shouldn’t they cast a vote? It seems a waste not to, considering how many people out there simply rock up to the booth,  tick a box more or less at random, and carry on happy as Larry.

(And here’s a random link to a really interesting informal survey on Kiwiblog on how some MPs rate various media outlets. Really, it’s fascinating! National go pretty much the other way from everyone else.)

One thought on “Should political journos vote?

  • Reply Sense May 18, 2009 at 18:33

    I agree; EVERYONE should vote. I mean, come on, even if you don’t vote, you still have political leanings that may bias your news reporting. Not voting doesn’t exactly mean you don’t have an OPINION!

    Who’s Larry? Oh, that must be more Kiwi slang. I looove it!! (Sorry, but I’m going to keep pointing it out; it’s insanely amusing to me.)

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