Mrs Micah had a fab post about “bragging and blogging” the other day. One of the things she said is that it can be tempting to put an overly-positive spin on things or filter what financial information you share with others. So true! When I spend money I know I shouldn’t have, I often don’t want to post about it. Or I might want to mention what I bought, but not the price. When things aren’t going as well as I’d like, I prefer to keep silent and not dwell on them (except for days I’m REALLY down in the dumps, in which case you’ll get posts like “pit of despair” and the like).

It definitely is easy to write about things you’ve done right. Like having enough saved to pay for insurance, rather than just putting it on the CC.

It’s not so easy to write about seeing your savings go down because you had to pay for a broken window to be fixed, or for ridiculously high class fees, or because your LL hasn’t paid his share of the bills (true!). Or the fact that putting $35 aside weekly to cover utilities just isn’t cutting it anymore – with price rises and our usage going up, we need more like $45. But have I put that into action? No.

I’m just feeling very overwhelmed. I feel like a little cartoon character who just gets more and more crap piled on top of them, trying to hold it all up and keep it together. But I’m only one person and I can’t keep it up. I need some of these stresses to go away, and if that doesn’t happen and they just keep on coming, I am so due for a breakdown.

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