Well, well, it’s been an interesting week.

We have a new TV. A flashy, flatscreen Samsung.

When BF told me his sister wanted to buy our TV, I asked what we were going to do without one. I could probably live without TV, but he watches a fair bit (he’s also the kind to keep it on just in the background) and finds it hard to fall asleep without it on (thank god for timers!).

He assured me that I should leave it to him and I was more than happy to…and the next day a massive flatscreen appeared in our room.

Apparently someone he knew had had it for quite a while because it wasn’t working – the screen wouldn’t turn on.

BF realised it had a blown fuse, and offered them cash on the spot. He brought it home, fixed it, and now we have a pretty mint TV.

Now we just have to sort out a new cabinet because it’s way, way too big to fit in our old one – it had a space perfectly designed for the old set. Pity, because I really like the cabinet (lots of compartments and storage space). And get rid of this one.

BF also produced an iPod for me as an early birthday gift. Again I don’t know where that came from (probably another friend or maybe family) and I figure I’ll let him keep his little secret. He’s always been like that – when we first got together he’d bring me random little gifts, like a great old necklace handed down from his grandmother.

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