Dirty cheaters

What do you do when you know someone is cheating on their significant other? ehowkiss1-main_Full

Luckily I’ve never had to deal with a situation like that, at least not with anyone close to me.

I do know a couple who consistently cheated on each other (both parties, I mean) but neither of them wanted to know, and they kept taking each other back. I wanted nothing to do with them, and still don’t – especially now that they have a child together, poor tot.

But one of our flatmates had a girl stay over last night. In his room. In his bed.

We all know and like his GF; she’s really nice.

Do we do or say anything to her?

Is it our business?

Is it somehow more forgivable if it’s a one-off as opposed to an ongoing thing?

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  • Reply Sense June 22, 2009 at 00:14

    agh! horrible! You know, it may just be me and the environment I’m in, but I’ve personally heard of so many stories of dirty, cheating men and women in NZ (all in Auckland, I should specify). Even the Dirty Whoreville of Southern California (Pacific Beach in San Diego) wasn’t as bad as it is here. Plus there’s the fact that XBF cheated on me with a dirty girl who was totally willing to cheat on me with him even though she was ‘friends’ with me, and she’s Kiwi too. I’m not saying all Kiwi are like that, but it certainly seems like some of them have absolutely no morals or qualms about sleeping around at all, whether or not they have BF’s/GF’s. What is it with these people?? I, with my naive Southern Baptist Christian upbringing, cannot for the life of me understand what they could possibly be getting out of these relations, other than diseases and low self-esteem.

    Unfortunately, I wouldn’t say anything to the GF; it’s none of my business, unless she’s a close friend. It’s disgusting if he then goes and sleeps with his GF, though. THAT IS DIRTY. and so unfair, what with the awful diseases that could be passed on to her. After what happened to me–I’d rather know about it and would hope that someone would tell me–but I’d want it to come from him. Tricky situation, because that could make your living environment even worse than it already is. UGH.

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