Having it all?

Inspired by this post at Girls Just Wanna Have Funds – can women do it all? Or is just a myth? balance

Ginger says having it all is not impossible, as long as it’s  in staggered moderation. What a great phrase!

Think about it. What is “all”? What are all these things we’re striving for?

A fulfilling, high-paying career, an education, good family relationships, keeping a perfect house, maintaining a great relationship with an SO, eating well, staying fit, being healthy, a social life, and the list could just go on…!

The thought is exhausting.

I don’t think I even have ONE of those things down. I guess educationally I’m doing okay, and given my situation I have a pretty good job that I enjoy. BF and I have been tested sorely this year (money is not the be all and end all, but you need SOME money to get by, let me assure you. Rich and miserable is starting to look a lot more tempting than poor and happy), I certainly do not eat well or exercise :S, and my social life has suffered due to either lack of money, energy or transport. Luckily, I’m young – I have that on my side at least.

So the main things I’m going to continue to focus on this year are doing well at uni and graduating in December, working hard, not digging myself a financial hole, and keeping things chugging with BF. After 3 1/2 years together, we have settled into a bit of a rut, which hasn’t been helped by money and household stresses. (Cannot wait for the day when I’m no longer head of a house! That’ll be a huge load off. Although there’s no point starting flat hunting until at least the end of July, I have been combing listings in my spare time.)

The main thing, I think, is just as long as nobody ELSE is expecting too much of you. I don’t mind so much if I set somewhat unrealistic goals for myself (and fail), but it’s another thing entirely to fall short of  others’ ridiculous expectations of you.

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