Useless university policy

Sometimes last year AUT did away with handing back assignments in the pigeonholes. Instead, they got returned to us in tutorials.

This year it’s gotten worse. We get emailed a random block of time (usually 1.5 hrs) in which to stop by our tutor’s office to pick up essays and whatnot. These are usually Wed-Fri afternoons when I’m working. I didn’t go to the handback for the first MC3 essay as work was insane. I waited till my tutorial to approach my lecturer. Yeah…and he STILL hadn’t even marked mine. Was I glad I didn’t take the time off work to trek up to his office for nothing?

Today was handback for the second essay – pretty last minute considering the exam is on Tuesday and we NEED feedback. MC3 is a core paper that you need to pass to graduate. It’s also very theoretical, dry and has a relatively high failure rate.

I used my lunch break to go visit my tutor – I was confident I’d done quite well but wanted to see his comments in order to do as well as I could in the exam. Know what he told me?

“Oh, I’ve got yours right here but haven’t put a final mark on it. You haven’t failed or anything, though. Can you come back in an hour?”


As it turned out, no, I couldn’t. So I may email him to ask him to at least tell me what I got. Or I might just forget about it and head into the exam, and wait for next month for ALL our final marks to be posted. I really don’t care enough.

Get it together. If you tell us our assignments will be ready for us between 2-3.30 on Friday, MAKE SURE they’re damn well ready! Maybe our time is not as valuable as yours in terms of the rate you command, but it’s not worthless.

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