Was quite pleased to see that we’d have $50-60 left over this week. I figured that could go towards our water bill, which we’re currently poring over trying to work out how much to pay. It’s pretty heinous – almost $300 more than last quarter’s, because of the water leak. So we’re trying to calculate the amount we should pay taking that into account. LL says he’s happy with whatever we decide, but I think it’s only fair we shoulder a LITTLE bit of it. I mean, we don’t know EXACTLY how much we use as he doesn’t have a separate water meter. We just divide it equally between us all.

Going off what we used last quarter, which was around $90pp, and what it would cost this month should we split it equally ($166) it’s quite a big jump. I’d say we just split the difference, but it’s a lot of money! Esp when multiplying by two for both me and the boy. I’m thinking we’ll go for something a bit less extreme. It just sucks all around – there’s no fair way to do it, because it’s no one’s fault there was a leak but SOMEONE has to pay for it.

Umm…so yeah! The bad news! Both BF and I need to top up our phones this week, so that’s a pretty $50 down the drain. His month used to roll over at the beginning of the month, but at some point we were hideously broke and didn’t top him up for a couple of a week.s Now we’re both in sync with our phone cycles falling in the middle of the month. Sigh

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