You know how some people put on their ‘faces’ in the mornings? They go through their routines – mascara, blush, concealer, lippy, whatever. And they continually do touchups during the day – you’ll hardly ever see them with a hair out of a place or a smudge of lipstick straying past their lipline.


I don’t do that. I usually swipe on a bit of foundation, and either a bit of red or pink lippy – and if I’m wearing contacts, some eyeliner so my eyes don’t recede all the way into the back of my head. Sometimes if I’m in a rush I’ll skip the foundation and the eyeliner – but I’ll never go out with bare lips, because I just look like a corpse without some colour on my face (barring the permanently pink cheeks, that is!).

But I definitely don’t present the same face to the world every day. For starters, my lip colours varies from day to day. I have a classic red lipstick, a sort of dark berry/pink thick sticky gloss (lasts forever) and a red Revlon long lasting lippy which tends to dry me out. In my uni bag is a shimmery berry gloss and in my work bag a sheer pink lip balm. If I had any sense, I’d have duplicates of everything (or just chuck my morning lippy into my bag) for touchups during the day. Instead, I end up wearing off my lippy and reapplying a totally different product/colour. If it’s a contacts day, my eyeliner wears off, and my foundation wears off, and I have an almost bare face by the end of the day. It’s slack on my part, and it’s silly to make the effort in the morning and then let it go during the day. I don’t really like mirrors, and unlike most I don’t check myself every time I go to the bathroom. It’s not uncommon for me to go most of the day without realising that my nose has started flaking from excessive nose-blowing…or worse!

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