Leather, laundry and decluttering

I was admiring a friend’s brown leather jacket the other day – it was absolutely gorgeous, I would LOVE one just like it, and she got it cheap in Morocco. And then our other friend started talking about fur, which we all agreed was wrong and that killing animals just for their fur was cruel.

But then I thought, what about leather? I wouldn’t think twice about leather.

I don’t think I actually own anything that’s real leather; certainly not bags, and I doubt any of my shoes. Isn’t leather on the same level as fur? (And then there’s eating meat, I suppose….a whole another can of worms). Why do I think fur = wrong and leather = good?

* * *

It’s been about three weeks since we’ve done laundry at our place. This past weekend, BF’s mum and brother borrowed the car. It got broken into while out with them. That kind of killed the day and although we went food shopping, neither of us could be arsed hitting up the laundromat. And of course the weekend before that was my crazy birthday weekend 🙂

So I was pretty much out of clean underwear, BF was out of clothes and our sheets and cover needed a change. Thankfully BF took care of that today. Although it’s a pain no longer having a washer, I think the laundromat is pretty good value for money. At least, the one in New Lynn in (I think it’s Buzzy Bee or Bizzy Bee laundromat, if anyone’s curious). They have decent sized machines which take a good load of laundry for $3.50, and have massive washers for $5.50. Then there’s another one up in Lynfield which has tiny machines (around 5.5kg) and then the large ones, which they charge $7 something for! Not cool.

I like how our clothes come out nice and soft, but not at $7! We didn’t even have an especially huge amount of washing, surprisingly enough. BF went to the Lynfield one and got totally ripped off. Thankfully, he remembered to bring washing powder. Even the New Lynn place charges an exorbitant amount for detergent, and they use far too much of it.

* * *

If we’re going to be moving soon, we need to start culling stuff. Like the random desk we have, for starters, my old computer screens, our crappy old couches, and not to mention the other crap flatmates have amassed (like four tyres…) and won’t get rid of themselves. I also need to get rid of some stuff that my mum gave me. Two printers (so old, they don’t use USB cords and hence I can’t be bothered making use of them), some boots, some shoes and a few other bits and pieces. Don’t get me wrong, she has given me a ton of useful things in the past, but she doesn’t strike gold every time. My plan is to do a drop off at the Salvation Army. My one fear is she’ll then see the stuff there. After all, she frequents it a lot, and often buys stuff from there. Not just for herself. I’m positive some of the things she’s given me have come from there – I know my rice cooker has. So fingers crossed she doesn’t come across the rejected goods a second time round!

2 thoughts on “Leather, laundry and decluttering

  • Reply FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com July 16, 2009 at 10:43

    Because we actually eat the cow that makes the leather? 🙂

    I wouldn’t kill an animal just for fur, if we don’t eat the meat too.. if we didn’t eat cows, I wouldn’t buy or weather leather.

    • Reply eemusings July 16, 2009 at 17:29

      Good point! I hadn’t thought about it that way. Well, as long as it’s the same cows we get beef and leather from (and you know, not just select cows that are good for the skin and select cows that are good for their meat) then that makes total sense.

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