Weekend spending

It’s been a  relatively spendy week. One of BF’s debts is paid off, leaving about $40 more a week wiggle room. I’m hoping we’ll be able to manage this well. I’d like to up the amount we put away every week for bills from 35 to 45. We also spend $50 in the middle of the month every month to top up our phones. In the other three weeks I’d like to put that amount (or close to it) to the Visa, to his car loan and to savings.

After rent and bills, here’s what our spending looked like:

– $7.80 for Subway
– $10 for burgers (yep, we ate out TWICE. Tsk)
– Approx $115 for groceries (90 at the supermarket, and 25 at the butcher and grocer)
– $12 for some crazy heavy duty tape stuff, which went over the hole which appeared in the car exhaust. BF will be calling around wreckers on Monday to source a new exhaust. Huzzah…
– And a whopping $70 for headphones *shamefaced*. Obviously these were to go with my iPod which I got on my birthday. The first week I borrowed the flatmate’s headphones, but then he wanted them back. So it was time to get my own! I was hoping to spend maybe $30. But BF insisted on getting GOOD quality ones, with the soft earbuds or else the ones that hook over your ears. I can’t STAND those things, and he realised they wouldn’t work when I wear glasses (which is most of the time, now). So we ended up having a stand off between a Panasonic pair and a Sony pair, both with the inner buds with three different sizes. Left JB Hifi almost $70 poorer, but with the best headphones I’ve ever had. They should last a bloody long time, and BF is happy – and yes, he will be using them a lot. I imagine we’ll be sharing the iPod about 50/50, so we both neded to be happy with the choice.

We also made an extra $20 payment to the old car loan (!!) after BF sold off one of the parts. I’m hoping that since I listed it on TradeMe we’ll get more interest. I had been putting off doing so because I thought it cost $30, but in fact that only applies if you’re listing it under Cars (as opposed to creating a listing for a car part). Sweet! And that is why we ended up with an extra $30 to kick around, and why I finally gave in to BF and bought the pricier headphones.

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