What do you hate paying for?

From Sunday’s paper: 10 things we hate to pay for. Though it seems to me largely cribbed from a similar MSN Money piece, 15 overpriced things we hate paying for. Popcorn00

Here’s the list in short:
ATM fees
Movie refreshments
BYO wine
Bottled water
Holiday surcharges
Online ticketing
Dental fees
Wedding surcharges
Commodity price rises

To that list, I might add: although holiday surcharges suck, workers are entitled to time and a half on public holidays. You would be, so don’t begrudge paying the extra 15%. I usually don’t eat out on holidays, or if I do, I try not to moan too much about it. And…as good as popcorn always smells at the cinema, it NEVER EVER EVER tastes half as good as it smells! On the odd occasion that I give in and buy some, I’m always disappointed.

Other things I hate buying: Eye drops. They don’t cost all that much – $5 to 10 – but you have to buy them every month! Which brings me to that other monthly expense I resent: tampons. I also find myself buying socks far, far too often, along with pens and razors (for T).

2 thoughts on “What do you hate paying for?

  • Reply Sense August 25, 2009 at 17:45

    Some of those are easily avoided with a little planing, ATM fees, for one. And I always sneak in my own snacks to movies. i wouldn’t pay for bottled water, either.

    What’s a holiday surcharge?

    What I HATE paying for, most out of anything? the telephone connection so I can get high speed broadband. it’s $45/month, and I DON’T USE IT. I only use my mobile and skype so I have no use whatsoever for a landline. Yet I have to have it for internet. GRAH!

    It hurts! I’ve researched non-landline internet services (mostly Woosh) and all the reviews say that they aren’t as fast or reliable as my current provider (Orcon).

  • Reply eemusings August 25, 2009 at 18:56

    15% surcharge on your bill when you dine out on public holidays. I’d say 99% of places charge it.

    Oooh i hear you on the telephone connection! My flatmates use it (And then don’t pay their fair share)…. I never do. But good ol NZ – you’re more or less stuck with a landline. OMG never sign up to Woosh! Worst ISP ever.

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