The higher powers must be smiling down on me

First, T getting a fun job which pays well (albeit only a couple of hours a week, but it’s a big psychological boost).

And the rapid but not excruciatingly painful move to a nice new place.

Then my mum stepping with a vacuum, duvet, and now the offer of sheets – meaning I barely have to spend anything on stuff for the house!  Plus, she sent me home with a ton of food (as per usual), halfway through a week in which our cupboards were looking pretty bare.

Next we got a charity collection bag in the mail for unwanted clothing – which saves me dropping off two bags of clothes at the Salvation Army!

And we’re getting a $320 payout from the electric company in dividends, which will help to cover things like double rent and connection costs for the phone and internet.

(Now all I need is a job – today I realised I only have five weeks to go!)

Someone up there must be looking out for me.asd

One thought on “The higher powers must be smiling down on me

  • Reply Amber from Girl with the Red Hair September 26, 2009 at 06:57

    Things will fall into place for you, they always do!

    That’s what I miss about living close to home THE MOST! My mom and my grandma both used to stock me up every weekend with TONS of food and yummy leftovers! Now it’s all me 🙁 Haha

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