So I was planning to ask my boss if we could discuss my work options next week. Except he’s on leave for the entire week.

So that’s not happening – it’ll have to be pushed back to at least the week after.

Which gives me more time to psych myself out…and prepare, I guess. I’m currently compiling a list of all the projects I’ve been part of, times I’ve shown extra commitment, my skills acquired both through studying and more technical stuff through work – so I can pitch myself and show I can take a step up.

I had a great chat to a coworker, too, who gave me some great tips and urged to me to go for it. I’m such a nervy and introverted person normally, so selling myself is going to be a challenge. Hopefully I can amp myself up and fake it, at least, for the duration….

In the meantime, I decided to apply for a job that’s closing on Tuesday, and another one without any end date.

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