My baby takes the morning train…

3208080823_79e0c5ab10_bgo  on, tell me I’m not the only one who likes cheesy old songs like that!

I used to catch the train everyday when I lived practically next to the station. Trains are great, IF you have easy access to the lines! There’s only one stop per suburb, which means most people end up driving to the station and parking nearby. And though the train might be cleaner, faster, and cheaper, they don’t come as often as buses, and they’ve been plagued with delays – so buses are more convenient for me. There are only so many times you can use the same excuse for being late to work.

Right now, the western line is being dug up and put underground, throwing all of New Lynn into chaos. Seriously, the traffic is so bad, we avoid going through there at any time, if at all possible. The road layout is always changing – all of a sudden there’s a roundabout, then there isn’t, there’s a bigger one, then there’s traffic lights, the pedestrian crossing’s moved…AARGH!

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Still, I considered going back to using the trains this week. But it was probably good that I didn’t, seeing as train commuting numbers were up 50% this week. I’d probably have been lucky to even get into a carriage.

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