The grocery game

Personally, though I’ve done virtually no travelling – and certainly not on my own dollar – I think food in Auckland is somewhat overpriced.800px-Apples_supermarket

Let’s do a comparison, shall we? Worldwide readers, feel free to chime in!

(I’m aiming for budget brands/lowest sale prices here; bread, for example, can run up to almost $5 a loaf, and chicken up to over $20 a kilo)

2 litres of milk – $3.20
Cheapest loaf of bread – $1.40
Boneless chicken breast (with skin on) – $9.99 kg, at the lowest
Cucumber – 99c in summer, 3.99 in winter
Kelloggs cornflakes Р$2.99 for 500g, on sale
Tomatoes – around $1.99 kg in summer, up to double or more in winter
Potatoes – $1.99 kg, although we sometimes buy in bulk which is slightly cheaper
Cabbage – $1.49
Bananas – $1.79 a kg at the lowest when in season
Beef mince – $5.99 kg, at the lowest – up to a ridiculous $13.99 sometimes at the supermarket for the premium stuff
Cheese – between $8 and 10 a kg, at the moment?
Muesli bars – varies by brand, between $2.50 and $3.50 at the lowest for a 6pack
2 litres of ice cream – $3.50, at the lowest
1.5kg flour – $2.50
1 kg sugar – $2
Eggs – we usually get a 20 tray for $5
Pasta 500g – $1.10
Pasta sauce – $2.99 for 700g (cheap stuff) or $3.50 for 500g (better stuff, on special)

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