Major WTF

Huge, massive WTF, in fact.

T’s been coaching for two months now. He was paid once, middle of last month. Then the franchise was taken over by new people. A payment showed up this week in his account with no reference details, but it was about the right amount for what he was owed from them.

He called today to give notice (all their coaches are employed as contractors) as he and our other flatmate have some work lined up for the summer. Even if it’s not full time, it beats the three hours a week of coaching. And apparently the new owners were pretty upset and have had a few other coaches quit on them.

Then that money disappeared from his account. No trace, no record of a deposit or withdrawal/retraction. Really, really odd. (So basically, no proof except for my memory of seeing the deposit earlier this week). I don’t know if theĀ  angry bosses recalled that payment (Can they do that?) Or was it just a bank glitch that has been resolved? (In which case he’s still owed for a couple of weeks’ work…)

One thought on “Major WTF

  • Reply Revanche November 3, 2009 at 06:30

    Whoa now, I don’t know if NZ banking laws differ that much from US laws, but if they don’t, the coaches should not be able to remove money from his account regardless of who deposited the money. If it was their “mistake” in sending him money when they thought he was going to sign on for the summer, they still shouldn’t have open access to that money once it’s been sent to him. The bank should be contacted immediately about this because unless the deposit was clearly a bank error and they were correcting it, this should not happen.

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