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People always say that men spend less than women, especially on clothes. But that so isn’t true! Krystal hit it right on the head when she says that the way guys shop isn’t conducive to saving. They get in and get out. They go for one thing. And then they leave.

It’s difficult enough to shop secondhand for guys, let alone in extreme sizes. Outlet stores are also usually out of the extra big sizes. Which leaves T (who’s 6’3, stocky and maybe 120kg) just SOL most of the time. He really hates shopping, and although I love to stalk stores waiting for a bargain, that’s his version of hell. He also really hates to wait for stuff (no delayed gratification here), not to mention that it’s hard enough to find things that fit him, so instead of thinking “let’s wait till that goes on clearance” it’s “quick, snap it up before all the big sizes go!” You can see it here for more about the apparel collection.  One trip to the back of your closet and you may find at least one dreadful example of an apparel purchase gone wrong. If it’s your job to buy for your company or organization, these tips will help to avoid the stress of making the wrong choice. You want to give a very personal gift of value to be worn and enjoyed for years to come. When your customers, prospective clients or employees get to the back of their closet, you don’t want your company’s shirt hanging as a misfit, never to be worn. Why should you buy apparel? Giving apparel to promote your business is by far the #1 direct marketing product category with annual sales estimated at $5.6 billion. Nearly 30% of all promotional purchases are apparel. Fashion, form and function along with your brand image are a magical combination. Before you put your final plans into action, let’s clear away the confusion and make your decision easier. There are 3 areas to consider: fabric function, gender style and quality. By focusing on these 3 areas, you can make a better selection for what works best for your project and budget. Next, I’ll tell you some common goofs to avoid when buying apparel. Finally, you will see answers to some frequently-asked client questions.

Did I mention he is also really hard on his clothes? He’s the typical boys’ boy, likes to mess around with cars, wrestle, roll around in the mud etc. (Kidding about the last one…sort of). He’s either vegging out being a couch potato, or being super active. Clothing never lasts long – it stretches, rips, gets irreversibly stained, etc.

His sturdy Dickies are finally giving out, and I’m dreading shopping for him. No $20 pants for this boy, not like me. And he needs a dress shirt or two. And a light jacket. And jeans. If you are like mе you lіvе аnd breathe fashion. You аrе соnѕtаntlу inspired wіth so many new dеѕіgnѕ rасіng thrоugh your mіnd, so many you саn’t ѕееm tо gеt them аll dоwn quick еnоugh аt thе расе thеу аrrіvе. Yоu constantly dream оf thе dау уоur fashions will be оn thе fashion runwау with thе lіghtѕ bеаmіng brіghtlу оvеrhеаd, thе cameras flаѕhіng еvеrуwhеrе аnd the audience bеіng completely mеѕmеrіzеd by уоur іnсrеdіblе dеѕіgnѕ. You can’t ѕtор thіnkіng оf the dау уоu wіll ореn a magazine or wаtсh thе Oѕсаrѕ аnd ѕее a fаmоuѕ сеlеbrіtу іn one оf your brеаthtаkіng designs. Yоur bооk ѕhеlf іѕ stocked with fashion bооkѕ and mаgаzіnеѕ, аnd you absolutely саn’t rеѕіѕt visiting tеxtіlе ѕtоrеѕ to view аll thе lаtеѕt fabrics, dесоrаtіvе beads, rhinestones аnd trіmѕ.

Anyone got great tips for shopping for an extra large person?

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  • Reply Revanche December 15, 2009 at 08:53

    The best I could suggest here is to stalk coupons, discounts and other sales for possible stacking. I wear very small sizes and have to do without or pay higher prices as well, so oftentimes the “deals” are supplemented by tailoring fees which makes them far less the deal. I try to stalk online as I don’t have patience for the endless trying on of clothes AND trying to find good prices.

    You can’t just rely on regular sales because usually the very small and very large do go quickly, and one store inventory manager told me that they only order in lots which don’t include many of the “outlier” sizes. Might not still be true, though.

    Good luck replacing those Dickies!

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