Poor health costs money

So I tried to book a doctor’s appointment today. Apparently that won’t be happening until Thursday. So I saw a nurse instead, who told me to “go spend some money” and buy hayfever tablets and some eye drops (Come on. The whole idea was that I’d get prescribed meds for my hayfever because paying what equates to a dollar a pill at the pharmacy is out and out INSANITY. Oh yeah, and my eye dryness/itchyness/gunkiness may just be allergies, or it might be a slight infection. Hooray.)

A coworker took pity on me and gave me a Claratyne, which worked wonders…. for a few hours. I still ended with a couple handfuls of wadded up used tissues (sorry) by the end of the day. I hate my body. If only they did tradeins on that kind of thing.

Anyway, instead of buying Loratab (which according to this extremely reasonably-priced site is the same as Claratyne), I picked up a box of Lorfast. Will the gods of name-brand medicine rain down their displeasure on me? I sure hope not. They both contain 10mg of loratadine, so I’m guessing it does exactly the same thing.

Cost: $24 for the tablets, eye drops and depilatory cream, which I’m giving a try after all your super helpful feedback – thanks!

Today’s outfit (added a chocolate brown scarf afterwards):

Yesterday’s outfit, which I basically wore variations of all weekend:

3 thoughts on “Poor health costs money

  • Reply Sense January 11, 2010 at 19:58

    I’m sorry that your allergies are acting up! I honestly can’t tell if it’s become normal to me to be stuffy/itchy/tired, or if it’s gone away. ??

    On the plus side, cute outfits!

  • Reply eemusings January 11, 2010 at 20:02

    It’s definitely normal to me! But it’s SUCH a pain. And annoying for my coworkers to have to listen to me sneeze and sniff all the time.

  • Reply Frugal Dreamer January 12, 2010 at 12:22

    You are too cute! 🙂

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