This is why I like to plan things out…

Here’s a quick recap of our Sunday (Valentine’s Day):

We decided to go to the movies, specifically, the Sylvia Park cinemas because they have the most comfortable seats (T is not a small guy), plus we had vouchers for $12 tickets there. Having left the house in a rush, we didn’t know what time anything was showing, and it turned out Sherlock Holmes wasn’t on for another four hours.

We drove to town, got to the Angus Steak House, only to find they didn’t do lunches on weekends.

We walked up to SkyCity. Turns out their yum cha buffet isn’t a buffet anymore.

We walked down to Queen St, because I remembered the kebab chain was advertising $5 kebabs. Except they weren’t doing that today.

In the end, we settled on a Chinese style barbecue buffet in the Midcity complex,where you pick out the raw ingredients (along with some typical fried goodies like  spring rolls to nibble on) and cook  them yourself on a gas cooker (what a novelty!) It wasn’t till I went to pay that I saw how low their food hygiene rating was. Eeek…

One thought on “This is why I like to plan things out…

  • Reply unknowntheartist February 20, 2010 at 22:53

    similar to us. we rocked up to a 1030 morning showing of Valentines Day and shared the normally super quiet cinema with about 50 kids, 20 couples and rude little crapheads like the one my other half yelled at in the middle of the movie.
    lunch was a disaster because so many restaurants were closed over the weekend so we ate grilled cheese sandwiches at home. At least we spent the day together, though 🙂

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