The best laid plans…

I didn’t get much of a break over the holiday period. I pretty much worked through Christmas and New Year’s, with only the statutory days off. (The one thing I did do was spend a night at the Duxton on New Year’s Day).

So I was really excited to book a weekend at Punga Lodge on Waiheke Island – it’s top of my travel list, and with summer coming to an end, I didn’t want to miss out and wait till the end of the year.

The finances SHOULD have been no problem. I had pretty much the exact amount sitting in my travel account (barring extra food, activities, etc over there).

BUT. There’s always a but. T still has not been paid from his New Year’s job. First there was some internal drama, now his contact who got him the job has gone overseas, and who knows when it’s going to be sorted out. Therefore, I paid for our New Year’s Day hotel break out of the travel account. That pretty much halved it.

Then last week I paid the deposit on the lodge, which was $182.50. That pretty much left the account at zero.

THEN. I was expecting to be paid this week from my side job (another $355.) But I wasn’t. Account is still at zero. I may just have to pay for the other half of the booking out of my savings account and wait till my second job gets around to paying my invoice.


(Oh yeah, I finally dug up my old, old post on my shoe collection, since everyone else has been posting theirs! This is from almost a year ago, but there have only been a couple of changes since then – added a black pump with chunky geometric heels, and replaced my pointy black flats. And retired my black ballet flats; I’m on the lookout for a replacement…)

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    […] And finally, we’re still waiting for T to get paid for his one-off gig working at Matakana on New Year’s Eve. That’s probably worth $200 or so. I’m not holding my breath, but at least it’s not affecting our bottom line. […]

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