Who can say no to a good bargain?

For some reason, NZ is home to a shedload of “one day deal” websites. Some are better than others, obviously.

But my new favourite is Dailydo: it sells experiences and other deals that I would actually use, rather than things like cheap clocks and lawnmowers and whatnot. There’s a new offer everyday: if you choose to purchase it, they then email the coupon to you. For example, I got a “buy one, get one free meal, along with two free house drinks” voucher for a local pub/bar for just $1. I also bought a fishing charter boat trip for less than half price – that can either be T’s birthday present, or he can take some of his guy friends out on a weekend and make the money back easily.

A lot of their sales would also be ideal for gifts. I’m actually kicking myself for not scooping up a really great discount on a facial at a spa – that would be a great birthday present for a girlfriend and save me pounding the pavements/shoving through crowds at the mall. I’m also hoping to find a great, EXTREMELY belated birthday present for a friend who’s currently overseas; with a few months left, I’m sure something will come up.

Now, I know you guys in the US have restaurant.com and all sorts of other crazy bargains. What are your favourite sites for snapping them up? Do share.

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