In a nutshell

Imagine being called up and asked to give a summary of your life on the spot. No, worse. Thinking up an interesting, clever, witty bio on the spot. This is me, girl of many vague interests but no definitive ones.

When I was put on the spot to do just that, I froze. I’m a pretty dull person. I jog. (Crap. I totally forgot to go running this week, AGAIN. DAMMIT). Bake. Sing. Blog. I don’t have any quirks! Wait, except the fact that I never play guitar standing up. I just can’t do it.

Okay, so I can’t do anything about it now. And the odds that I’ll be asked for a bio again anytime soon are basically zero. But that day may come again. And when it does, I want to be prepared.

So, a hodgepodge of random factoids that may or may not be usable for said bio (written in third person, because, well, why not? It’s fun):

  • Spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book; known to read while walking home from school (luckily there were no roads to cross)
  • That kid who always got 100% in spelling tests
  • Born into a family of accountants, doctors, engineers and other such intellectuals. Mother struggled to understand how she scored better on language tests than math tests
  • Dabbled in tennis, soccer, badminton, rollerblading, netball and more. Stuck with running. Can’t really go wrong with putting one foot in front of the other
  • Played violin for 10 years without ever managing to improve
  • Dreams of keeping a herb garden
  • Also dreamed of being: a bestselling author, rock star, domestic goddess and spelling bee champion
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2 thoughts on “In a nutshell

  • Reply Maggie June 11, 2010 at 18:11

    Ah, I hate summarizing my life up too. It’s just too hard, makes you think of all of the things that you attempted (and sometimes failed) but really, I guess you don’t really think about yourself and what your life is like, right? =]

  • Reply youngandthrifty June 13, 2010 at 08:40

    Wow- those are some really cool factoids!

    I was pretty good at running too- but not coordination lol

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