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Ad Working Girl on getting down and dirty (not like that!) with the head honchos. With my new title and all, and one project in particular, I’m finding myself liaising much more with the big boss and generally participating more. Usually I’m pretty invisible – I get on with my work, especially on my weekends (I’m alone for half the shift, so I get free rein and to play music as loud as I want). But for now, I’m going to have to step it up.

Is there anything (Spokeo) worse than Facebook, asks FB? Thankfully, I’m not an American. I have plenty out there on Google under my real name – most of the pieces I’ve ever had published, actually – but I would be pretty freaked out if my home address and what not were out there for the world to see.

SF Money Musings struggles to get to grips with being a first-time manager. I definitely recommend reading Ask a Manager – fantastic blog for both employers and employees!

And here, an amazing story of a courageous and brilliant journalist who worked to tell the story of Mexico’s undercover sex trafficking trade.

A review of SATC2 that made me chuckle with the line “There’s more cleavage in this film than at a pro wrestler’s wedding”.

Katie is searching for passion and direction. “I don’t know how people find satisfying jobs that they enjoy going to, that they feel they were made for. My husband has a pretty good idea of exactly what he wants to be doing, and the benefit of that is, he actually has something to work toward, rather than being like me and just floating around in a cloud of indecision all the time.” In my case, the situation is reversed, but I feel her pain.

PR vs Media: In which Tiff explains that he’s just not that into you, and similarly, journalists just aren’t going to call PRs to say no thanks.

Funny about Money wonders whether there’s a PF blogger glass ceiling. Well, the types of blogs I enjoy (and write) certainly aren’t the most marketable or profitable. But I’m not in this for the money, although offers are always welcome!

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One thought on “Link love (Powered by peanut butter and ankle boots)

  • Reply Funny about Money June 4, 2010 at 02:50

    Thanks for the mention!

    Fabulously Broke’s post on Spokeo sounded an alarm. Following up on her piece, I discovered that a great deal more personal information than just my name and address appears there, and still more is available for a fee. Not only that, but my name appears twice: once at my former husband’s address. Since I lived there before there was such a thing as an Internet, I can only assume that much of the data on Spokeo comes from sources other than Web-bots crawling the Net.

    It’s true there are several other sites where people can dig up private information on you if they’re willing to buy it, and of course anyone who cares to pay for a credit report can learn all about your private life. But this one dispenses a great deal more data for free than any other I’ve seen.

    All of us who blog regularly are quietly accruing crackpot followers. And many who do not frequent the Internet have real-world acquaintances and ex-lovers who do not wish us well. Sites like this put everyone at risk, especially women (who are more vulnerable because of our smaller size and less aggressive temperaments).

    My byline is all over the Internet, too. But I’m learning to emit disinformation at any site that asks for my name, address, phone number, birthday or for answers to any other such none-of-your-business questions. This is true also of grocery-store rewards cards and similar marketing ploys. Never give out your phone number or address. If an entity that is not a government agency or a financial institution reporting to the IRS requires it, respond with fake information.

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