May roundup

Groceries: are really high but I think this was a 5-week month, which explains it.

Entertainment: Metallica tickets – there are some things I won’t hesitate to splurge on, and frugality be damned – and a heavily discounted pass for a fishing charter trip which will either be my birthday present to T, or something he does on a weekend and gets some money from friends to contribute to covering the cost.

Dining -I guess there was a bit of socialising – a couple of nights out, plus the worst lunch ever after an epic afternoon of market research (we made $170 that day and spent $28 on the saddest, most pathetic Thai food ever. It enraged me, I tell you.) Didn’t exactly help the black hole of overdraftness…Clearly, I need to stop whining about having no fun budget and start walking the talk.

Vehicle: I spentĀ  a little more than anticipated on my bus passes, just over $100. Why? That includes extra trips into town for a networking event, plus pub quizzes wit hcolleagues from my side job (also perhaps a form of networking?) plus car parts to the tune of at least $30.

Utilities: I always forget that we have pay TV now, and this is right on target (well, except for going over our internet and being charged extra :@)

Medical: My eye exam plus contact lens solution.

Clothes: Coat-slash-jacket, plus new face wash. Words can’t express how much I love and wear my last two purchases (will have to take a photo when I get my hands on a camera) – my black boots and grey jacket have already probably paid for themselves.

This month I made an additional $163.90 in income. Although the majority of that went towards getting us out of overdraft, $20 went into the bills account and $15 to clothes and grooming (cleanser + a pack of hairties – now that my hair is getting longer, it drives me insane at night).

Financial goals for June: Get started with Kiva (that fulfils my charity goal) and figure out a plan to deal with the CC balance.

3 thoughts on “May roundup

  • Reply Maggie June 8, 2010 at 02:52

    Somehow you just made me realize how to define/categorize items as dining.

    I really like this feature on ASB too, but somehow it doesn’t make me spend less, although I am very happy with how much I save each week ^^

    You’ve also inspired me to do something similar, I’ve actually been thinking of a way to know exactly what I spend my money on but didn’t really know how to do it~

  • Reply Sim June 8, 2010 at 08:50

    Reading your blogs make me feel like a pile of fail financially, which is good in a way because unless I want to live on the streets I need to get my act organized. I shall embrace the way of the Pie Chart!

  • Reply eemusings June 9, 2010 at 12:06

    @ Maggie absolutely, I don’t use it to curb spending but rather to see what I’m spending on. I’m trying to be more aware of what goes where, and whether I’m prioritising what I want to prioritise, and keeping track of where my extra income goes. I want to save a lot more, but until BF gets work again, I can’t really do much in that respect.

    @ Sim I hate numbers. But I love me a colourful chart!

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