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As some of you already know, 20SB is hosting a carnival on none other than one of my favourite topics – money! I kept myself amused throughout the week reading all the fabulous submissions, and found some wicked new blogs to read. Although I’ve always tried to keep my Google Reader count low – I like to feel I know the writers I read, to be able to remember who’s who and keep track of who does what for a job, where they live, their personal situation and all that. But a) many of the bloggers I’ve been following for a while are posting more sporadically and b) there are just too many great bloggers out there to miss out.

Thus, I bring you Link Love, the 20SB Friends and Money edition.

Nicole marvels at a $60 pot of tea and wonders just who would want to buy one. Which reminds me of our first trip to the Farmer’s Market this week, where I saw the most divine looking berry and custard Danish… for a whopping $4. So it’s not quite on the same unbelievable scale, but it’s getting up there. (That pastry is still haunting me. I think I just might have to splash out next time, if they’re still selling em.)

Kim shares where she comes from and how it’s shaped her money personality, a lot of which I could relate to. We’ve always been able to get by relatively comfortably, although I’m sure it was a bit tough when we first moved to NZ. Still, we did not go on holidays. We wore hand me down clothes. We didn’t go to movies. We shopped specials like crazy. We didn’t even really do birthday presents (they tried to get away with buying me stuff I needed, like a sleeping bag for school camp, and calling it my gift).

Margaret writes (wisely) about how money smarts mean thinking beyond your next Jack and Coke.

Doniree blogs about choosing to spend on experiences, not things. Her list of things that count as experiences: a good meal with each other or friends, a trip with a college friend to Portland, groceries to cook for a dinner party, travel, and
exploring somewhere new. I couldn’t agree more.

Lilu, meanwhile, argues that working in the service industry is character building. Plus you learn the worth of a dollar, and so on.

Finally, Amy writes about marriage and divorce left a lasting impact on her finances, and how she now keeps on track.

That’s just a selection of some of the #$friends posts. For more, check out the carnival page!

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  • Reply Doniree July 5, 2010 at 05:27

    Thanks for the inclusion in your round up! Glad you agree that prioritizing experiences is a great way to budget 🙂 Here’s to yours!

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