July roundup

Rent: It was clearly a three-fortnight month.

Home expenses: Our washing machine died. We got a replacement from the Salvation Army – well worth it. Of course, for that price, you can’t expect miracles. Like the fact that it doesn’t seem to fully spin dry. Annoying.

Insurance: Another quarterly contents cover payment.

Vehicle: Needed a service. Thankfully, T can change oil and all that jazz. And lots of petrol.

Entertainment: A couple of DVDs out, my guitar part, a watch repair and earring for T (didn’t know what else to categorise them as. No joke, he came home one night with a hole in his ear. That’s the kind of shit his friends do, apparently, reopen old piercings). A cheap movie ticket ($4) from grabone plus cheap ($10 each) passes to Waiwera; I’ve never been and can’t wait to go. Oh yeah, and the kicker: 3 Paramore tickets, although 2 of those were really gifts rather than entertainment.

Dining: Pretty average, and about as low as it goes. I ate three lunches out this month (can’t remember the last time i didn’t bring lunch to work) and somehow kept it under $20. Another $50 or so on two dinners out, and the rest seemingly on random food for T while out gallivanting around during the weeks.

Events: I counted all birthday related spending as an event. $180 odd of that was on the camera, the rest, food and drink. Money well spent.

Clothing: A spiffy wool coat for the bf, much needed (his one and only sweatshirt is, i believe, in his brother’s car with no prospects of being returned soon. Thankfully, he’s actually taking care of the jacket. It’s by far the nicest garment he owns)

As previously noted, I didn’t make my goal of saving 20 per cent this month. Amazingly, though, I was less than $20 off at $640. And even more surprising, despite basically spending blindly, we evened out. Despite all the extra gas and T’s random food purchases/personal spending, it looks like our total lack of an entertainment/eating out budget – barring my birthday – made up for it.

In terms of extra income, I netted a whopping $18.60 (mystery shopping). That’s because I’m waiting till later this month for a reimbursement. I also received two $10 vouchers earned from doing online surveys; one for Rebel Sport and the other for Hoyts Cinemas.

So, not too horrendous, considering! Hello, August.

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4 thoughts on “July roundup

  • Reply Maggie August 7, 2010 at 02:01

    I may have mentioned this before, but I’m not quite sure if I did; I really like that you do this. Makes me want to do it too to force me to consider my spendings.

  • Reply Jessie August 7, 2010 at 07:42

    Great post!

    I’m planning on starting to do these at the end of each month (starting August!)

  • Reply danablair August 7, 2010 at 08:48

    How do you put these together?

    • Reply eemusings August 7, 2010 at 13:29

      My internet banking. I just classify all transactions, then screengrab the final graph and breakdown 🙂

      It’s not foolproof. Obviously you can’t split transactions, and cash withdrawals also pose a problem. I hardly ever use cash, though.

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