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Like most teenage girls, I spent the vast majority of my spare time on the phone. This was back in the day of dialup internet, no less; it was a battle of wills between whoever wanted the computer, and me, intent on continuing my conversation. I could quite literally spend hours talking to my friends, or in lots of cases, simply doing homework or watching TV together.

Then I got older. And I eventually moved out. Texting became the norm. I still kept a landline, but mainly so I could have the internet, and in case of emergencies.

Today, I honestly can’t be bothered tapping away at a tiny keypad to compose messages. My crappy touchscreen phone is a pain in the ass to use, and if I can conceivably get away with not replying to your message, I’m gonna take the lazy route.

My workday consists of sitting at a computer doing stuff online; I spend so much time typing that my handwriting has become atrocious and the vast majority of my communication is done by email, Twitter or Facebook. And while that works for the people I know in a more professional sense, my personal circle isn’t online 24/7 like me.

They have classes to go to. Extra-curriculars. (Heck, I am not even sure all of them have broadband at home. And smartphones? Forget about it.) They’re just not all that Web 2.0 in comparison. And I have to make concessions for that. Make the effort to drop them a line, to meet up in person, and touch base with a fellow human being.

** This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance is up! Thanks Paul for including my post, Does 60k constitute a high income? **

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One thought on “Keeping in touch

  • Reply Jessie August 25, 2010 at 03:10

    i can so relate!

    my penmanship is horrible!!

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