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It’s another bumper one this week, kids!

Newlyweds Little Miss Moneybags and her man are going to live off one salary.  Woohoo! I think that’s what I’d like to aim for eventually, too.

Krystal can’t wait to become a DINK household again – trust me, I know what it’s like. Every word in that post could have come from me!

At Stratejoy, Marian explains why, despite the money worries, she’s glad she stuck it to the 9-5 routine.

And Red negotiates a 65/35 electricity bill split with her husband. Although I can’t ever imagine doing such a thing, they have reasons for keeping their money separate. And it reminds me that I need to have a look at our contributions to the bills account – after all now that T is working again, he should be putting money towards the Sky bill as he’s the one that watches it!

Kelly compares journalism to slavery and discovers that in London there are internships for just about every imaginable job.

At Ms Career Girl, Rachel asks when it’s a good idea to take an unpaid internship.

And Carlee urges “unemployed whiners” to create their own jobs. Perhaps easier said than done sometimes (especially if you’re not trade-qualified and aren’t part of the knowledge economy), but there’s plenty of healthy debate going on in the comments.


Nicole and Maggie ask what your “cooking system” is and how to manage feeding multiple people.

The Everyday Minimalist has 10 time saving tips for cooking for the week.

Amber confesses to her binge eating tendencies and what she’s doing about it.

Girl and City is in Hong Kong and has boatloads of amazing food photos to show for it.

At Living Well on Less, Karen looks at the results of a study on what Americans consider necessities. (I’m going to disagree that a cellphone is a luxury, though, in today’s world. How do you call in late to work/appointments when stuck in traffic? If you’re job hunting, I’ve seen job ads require that you have a cell phone (well, at least in NZ). Doyou freelance? You’ll need one. Emergencies: what do you do when you break down on the motorway? And if you have any degree of responsibility at work, odds are you will need to be available for people to get in touch with you for work related matters. Even if you’re not important enough for a company phone.)

What’s your ugly shame? If it’s eating food that falls on your boob, Jessica B does it too.

Being Ruth explains why sci-fi is so appealing in hard times.

Average Girl accidentally gives the rubbish truck guy a bit of a peepshow (seriously hilarious, go read it now).

Suburban Sweetheart decides to start all over again (in a sense) and move back to her hometown, and wonders how to stop dwelling on the past.

Is asking for donations from readers good business sense? Some of Marian’s readers (or more accurately, haters) didn’t think so. (Incidentally, I’m on her side.)

Speaking of boundaries, Stephany and Dana blogged about the areas they won’t go, or if you like, the unbloggables. Some things you just need to keep for yourself.

Unlike some, Girl Normal isn’t too concerned about her personal privacy online. Here’s her tongue in cheek take on the situation.

Mo at World as a Muse tries to downsize her closet but gets turned down by a consignment store. Ouch.

Little House on the Southern Prairie speaks the truth when she writes that life would be easier if she cut out about 15 per cent of the people she knows.

Finally, Stacking Pennies reflects on married life and what’s changed as a result.

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  • Reply nicoleandmaggie August 29, 2010 at 16:05

    Thanks for the link love!

  • Reply Marian Schembari August 29, 2010 at 22:31

    Wow! TWO mentions, thank you! You have some amazing links here — procrastination here I come!

  • Reply The Everyday Minimalist August 30, 2010 at 00:04

    Thanks for linking 😀 😀 😀

    Annnnnnnd… *opens every link into a tab*

  • Reply Carlee Mallard August 30, 2010 at 02:55

    Thanks for the mention! You’re pretty good at finding the cream of the crop out there… there’s obviously some good stuff that I missed last week. Sunday morning catch-up time!

  • Reply Suburban Sweetheart August 30, 2010 at 05:01

    Thanks for including me! Clicking through to some of the others – & checking out the rest of you blog! – now.

  • Reply Stephany August 30, 2010 at 09:23

    Thanks so much for the link love! It’s funny that Dana and I talked about the same topic, on the same day! LOL.

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    […] but props go out to Musings of an Adbstract Aucklander for leading me to Living Well on […]

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