Food diary: Week 1

Various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains; ...
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In the name of accountability.

September 1
Breakfast: Nutri-Grain with milk
Lunch: potato and lentil dahl with rice, chocolate and almond muesli bar
Dinner: Leftover eggplant/potato/pork curry-stew concoction, and breakfast for dinner (think sausages, hashbrowns, eggs)

September 2
Breakfast: Nutri-Grain with milk
Lunch: potato and lentil dahl with rice, chocolate and almond muesli bar, apple muffin and sweet jam tart (I can’t resist freebies at the office)
Dinner: Butternut squash soup with roasted butternut and wholegrain Vogels. Nom.

September 3
Breakfast: White toast with hazelnut spread/honey
Lunch: Tomato soup with wholegrain bread
Dinner: True blue Malaysian beef rendang, KK restaurant’s house special chicken and rice. Pretty carnivorous, but with a little bit of lettuce. (Dined out, obviously; review coming up!)

September 4 (the work day from hell)
Breakfast: Nutri-Grain with milk
Second breakfast/Early lunch: Leftover butternut squash soup with feta
Lunch/dinner: Pizza (three kinds: veggie, pepperoni, cheese. Courtesy of work)
I also gave in to hunger pangs and chowed on a hash brown and a couple of sausages when I finally got home. Thought the pizza would sustain me, but it didn’t quite last.

September 5
Breakfast: Sausages, hash browns
Lunch: Tuna and couscous, wholegrain toast
Dinner: Pasta snack and dahl

September 6
Breakfast: Nutri-Grain with milk
Lunch: Tuna and couscous, some ginger biscuits, strawberry yoghurt
Dinner: Organic rib roast with cauliflower, followed by pub fries and apple cider later on.

September 7
Breakfast: Nutri-Grain with milk
Lunch: Leftover roast and cauliflower, an apple
Dinner: Chicken with baked potatoes, chocolate cake with yoghurt and sour cream.

Sep 3 is a bit of a copout; I don’t really think tomato soup from a can can count, even when paired with a couple of lettuce leaves. (I count the squash soup, but that was freshly made.) So let’s say 6 out of 7 days…which is passable!

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