Food diary: Week 4 (or, I’m a convert!)

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Wow, that went fast! I can’t believe it’s over.

This month I set out to challenge myself to eat better. Namely, eating fruit and/or vegetables every single day (previous weeks’ diaries here). I love – and eat a lot of – potatoes, and that was one of the parameters. Potatoes only counted for a half mark. I missed three days in previous weeks, and despite two days away plus T’s birthday this week, only missed one in this last week. (Well, half, considering how many servings of ‘taters I consumed. Still.)

September 22
Breakfast: Cereal and milk
Lunch: Banana, egg sandwich, choc chip cookie
Dinner: Mild bhuja mix, bacon and veggie quiche, banana fritter and ice cream, banana/choc chip muffin

September 23

Breakfast: Cereal and milk
Lunch: Banana/choc chip muffin, Japanese donburi (crispy chicken and salad)
Dinner: Udon noodles with crispy pork, bacon, onions and cauliflower

September 24
Breakfast: Two pieces of white toast with Vegemite
Lunch: Banana, egg sandwich, chocolate chip cookie
Dinner: A bit of quiche, a bit of left over noodle stirfry, a bit of pizza

September 25 (Weekend out of town)
Breakfast: Cereal and milk
Lunch: Half of a lamb kofta at farmer’s market, piece of apple cake, scallops and green salad
Snacks: Bhuja mix, bread and jam, instant noodles
Dinner: Angus steak and salad

September 26 (Weekend out of town)
Breakfast: Handful of crackers, nachos
Lunch: Spring roll, hot chips, some Asian noodles with cabbage, carrots, mixed meat
Dinner: Pork roast with kumara/potato mash, red cabbage and watercress salad, cookie and ice cream

September 27
Breakfast: Cereal and milk
Lunch: Red cabbage and watercress salad, two minute noodles
Snacks: Cookie and ice cream, bread and dips – hummus, babaganoush
Dinner: Leftover roast, apple pie and ice cream

September 28
Breakfast: Cereal and milk
Lunch: Custard slice, Wendy’s chips
Dinner: Steamed mussels, chips, sausage and mash
Snacks: Bread and dips, cheese and crackers, apple pie and ice cream

Errr, so, yeah, a rather snacky week. And quite possibly my unhealthiest week to date. Yet, I feel GREAT – probably mostly down to the amazing weather, Daylight Savings, and my upping the ante exercise-wise. (Two runs this week! And with the longer days, I can totally see myself going almost every day.) You’ve probably noticed that sometimes there’s a lot of repetition going on. What can I say? I try to cook in batches.

I am officially converted

I still have a sweet tooth. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a cheeseburger or a pie or even a pile of golden hash browns.

BUT – my body wants to eat healthier. Not only do I feel guilty about eating poorly, I sometimes crave greens. Once, I would have cringed at the thought of a veggie stirfry for lunch. Now as I get more confident in the kitchen, my lunches are getting more varied and – from time to time – well-balanced, even?. The downside is it takes time, of course. Cooked lunches take way more work than sandwiches. But I’m not a big sandwich fan anyhow.

Tastes change as you get older. I’m still not a huge fruit lover (I’ll eat berries, bananas, apples and citrus, but I won’t go near any of the tropicals like peaches and apricots) but until recently, I never used to eat spinach, or eggplant, or carrots.

And perhaps most amazing of all is the fact that I am converted to lighter dinners. There are still plenty of days I practically crawl in the door after work, ravenous and impatient, and practically inhale whatever food is easiest to prepare. But a little control goes a long way. I feel so much better when I’m not groaning from fullness, so much more alive and energised. And running on a full stomach is, well, just not a good idea.

3 thoughts on “Food diary: Week 4 (or, I’m a convert!)

  • Reply Sense September 29, 2010 at 08:40

    Awesome!! I have a salad before dinner every day–it keeps me from gorging on the fattier stuff later in the meal, and it’s very quick to make while everything else is heating up. I also drink a smoothie every day during breakfast (Charlie’s) that has 8 servings of fruit in it, so I figure I’m sneaking fruit into my early morning, too! It’s an expensive smoothie, but I love it.

  • Reply The Everyday Minimalist September 29, 2010 at 13:56

    I force myself to eat a piece of fruit once a day. Banana or apple.. and I drink soy milk.

    It’s been helping me keep my sugar cravings down, but I still can’t help wanting a nasty looking doughnut. 😛

    I do want to eat better. I feel myself wanting less sugary things, less fatty things.. my tastes are slowly changing.

  • Reply Working on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010 « I AM WHAT I EAT?!? November 26, 2010 at 02:59

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