Link love (Powered by cheesecake and the King of Pop)

First off, I gotta give a little love to a few people:

Financial Samurai for including me in a little Yakezie roundup!

Financial Highway Dollar Matters for including me in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

And PT Money for including  me in the Carnival of Money Stories.


Check out Carlee’s list of resources if you’re starting out or wanting to get into event planning.

Deb at Kommein explains how the internet changed the way we work.

Editing Working Girl asks: Just how important is your job title?

Health writing is an area of growth, and Dollars and Deadlines explains some ways to break into the market.


J$ at Budgets are Sexy on why rich people are hot (!)

A topic close to my heart – Donna Freedman on Get Rich Slowly blogs about the ins and outs of mystery shopping.

Nicole and Maggie argue what women need is more money, not job satisfaction.


Sandy shares some mottos to live by, including If You Burn Someone’s House Down, yours will be Burnt Down 3 Times Over.

Sarah at Yes and Yes does a regular feature on interesting people, including her best friend who survived a crazy childhood (sounds more or less like what BF grew up in

Amelia reminds us that we must cultivate our friendships just as much as we nourish our romantic relationships.

This is just hilarious – Living Shallow on being a pasty white woman whose partner likes curvaceous, tanned women.

Donna of Surviving and Thriving blogs about practising stealthy acts of kindness. (Love it. I often find gratitude almost as hard to accept as compliments)

Everyday Minimalist shares a few great reasons for simplifying your life.

Confessions of a Love Addict on clearing out the Ex Box – aka old boyfriend keepsakes.

Finally, Shopaholly shares five amazing posts that she’s glad she wrote this year.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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