Link love (Powered by eggplant and impotent fury)

  • Eggplant is officially back in season. WOOT.
  • Why does dealing with the IRD have to be such a convoluted process? Their new online system helps…but not much.
  • Cars are expensive. Damn moneypits. At least this one – being by far the newest we’ve ever owned – is yet to leave us stranded anywhere (barring the time I ran the battery flat) and things like doors, windows, seatbelts etc all work properly, but maintenance is not saving us any money.
  • What role do decency and morals have in the business world? Ponder and discuss.


Is following your passion a luxury? Via Consumerism Commentary.

Wise words from Candace Nelson at I Want Her Job – test your interest to make sure you want to pursue it as more than a hobby.

Pretty Young Professional reminds us to network with colleagues, and not just people outside your office.

Want to make more money? Better brush up those skills, then, says Serendipity.

Susannah Breslin on learning to be a hustler.


Hilarious! So Over Debt on why PF bloggers shouldn’t date each other.

Thousandaire argues a bad economy is good for paying down debt – and that wealth is not ungodly.

Also, check out this (rather poorly-written) story about a survey on Kiwi household finances that I took part in a little while ago.


Financial Samurai explains how to get a rental property in a hot market and fighting burnout.

Cate Linden on cultivating a childhood love of reading.

Miss Prairie Eco-Thifter’s tips for living in a way that benefits the greater good.

20 and Engaged wonders if being married puts pressure on other couples around you.

On APW: Do I have to use the word husband? (Personally, I hate the word wife – I think it’s hideous. I’m okay with husband.)

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