Flipping heck!

Goddamn. Some people are just so plain rude.

I was just at the bank queuing for a teller. Ahead of me were a couple of guys and a girl clutching a big wad of cash.

She asked the guy directly in front of her if he could calculate something on his Blackberry for her. He obliged. He fumbled a bit – either it’s a new phone, or he just doesn’t ever have to use the calculator – and was nice enough to ask her if SHE wanted to do it herself. She declined.
He fumbled. And fumbled. And fumbled. After a bit of back and forth, she sighed loudly, rolled her eyes and practically threw her hands up in the air. He apologized profusely. She repeated her numbers with the air of someone struggling to potty train a child.

That saga ended. The line inched forward. A new teller appeared and started tapping away at their computer. The bitch stepped forward and had a go at the guy at the front of the line (not Blackberry man, the one before him), something along the lines of “get up there already, this line is so long and there are people waiting behind you!” Poor guy scurried off.

I wanted to punch her.

You don’t just go up to the teller. You WAIT until they call you forward. The teller JUST got here. She would have still been logging on. Who knows how long that takes? What if her computer had frozen? You WAIT for a reason, and if he’d gone up and she still wasn’t ready for him, and someone else opened up, how stupid would that look? There is a reason for how they operate, and we abide by queue etiquette at banks and at the post office FOR A REASON. Would you demand a chef bring out your meal RIGHT NOW, because you’re RAVENOUS, ready or not? Didn’t think so.

Then Blackberry guy offered to let her go ahead of him. Oh, she turned all sweetness and light then, let me tell you.

“Oh, really? You’re such a gentleman!” And stole his spot at the front of the line.

I swear. One day. I’m going to have a public brawl with some bitch like that who gets up my nerve on a bad day.

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