Worth it?

money-coins-enlargeWe often go to the Avondale markets on a Sunday morning and wander around looking at the crap (and occasional gem) people are hawking. Once we saw BF’s new phone for sale, for $100 less than we paid at Parallel Imported (which was at the time $50 cheaper than all the other stores we saw it in!) Sometimes it bugs me, because we don’t usually go for any particular reason or with anything in mind to look for. And because the roads around there are INSANE, we pay $3 to park in the parking lot.

But I figure, $3 for half an hour of good healthy fun (doesn’t cost us anything more, except the odd $1 drink or $2 kebab, and we’re walking around the whole time) is pretty cheap – and it’s worth it. It makes BF happy and gives us something to do, close to home…you can’t even get a decent milkshake for $3 these days!

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