Weekend wrap

Had a lovely weekend…we got away, at least to the other side of Auckland! We stayed at a bed and breakfast/hotel place across from the rose gardens, ended up not going to the restaurant we’d booked, and ordering room service. Food was amazing. BF had a huge pork roast with salad and baked potato, and I had salmon with mashed potato and salad – divine. We both love mashed potatoes so there was a little bit of a fight there – I could eat mashed potatoes for eternity and be happy – and I usually never feel like I’ve had enough, but last night I did. (And at breakfast; there was cheesy mashed potatoes alongside the sausages and bacon….) I even took photos, the food was so beautiful!

It was great getting away and being waited on, etc. Getting away from home, and all the dramas involved. There was also a bathtub, so we had our first bath in years…super relaxing! I’m so keen to do it more often. The only downside really was BF gave me a silver paua bangle. It must have been a little loose, because I realised in the evening it wasn’t on my wrist anymore.¬† I get the feeling it slipped off pretty early on. It’s weird though, because it’s quite solid and heavy you’d think I would have¬† heard it fall and hit the ground! But it wasn’t in the car. So odds are it’s somewhere along Ponsonby Road or in Victoria Park New World (where, incidentally, self-checkouts are the shiz…). I feel pretty lame. Who loses their present the day after it’s given to them? Make me feel better, please…

p2140012Our dinner

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