On tradition

This may sound like blasphemy. But we are not putting up a Christmas tree.

I'm quite partial to blue and silver as a seasonal theme

As a child I wanted one so bad. And we didn’t get one until I was about 15. I longed for even the smallest of trees, with even one present under it. But therein lay one of the quirks of my overly frugal parents. Thankfully, we only have one set of cousins in New Zealand, so awkwardly answering the question “What did you get for Christmas?” with “Nothing” wasn’t as repetitive as it could have been.

I even had a real tree, one year,  courtesy of my flatmate in 2006. Turns out they’re dreadful things, shedding needles everywhere and emitting particles that zero in on my sinuses… to say nothing of disposing them.

So now it seems I’ve come full circle. Neither of us especially wants one, and neither of us can be bothered with something we’re so ambivalent about. (Especially given that we don’t spend Christmas at our own house)..

It’s the kind of thing I suppose we’d get into for the kids, when we have kids. The question at that point will be do we tell them about the Tooth Fairy and Santa?

4 thoughts on “On tradition

  • Reply addvodka November 30, 2011 at 18:05

    LOL. Every year boyfriend & I get a tree, and then we realize that we’re too cheap for ornaments, so we either get a small package of dollar store ones or none at all. Every year the dollar store ones add up, but the tree usually looks pretty pathetic.

    Theyre a ton of work, and I don’t know why we insist on doing it.

  • Reply cantaloupe December 2, 2011 at 09:32

    Mm, I miss having a Christmas tree. Having grown up with one every year, it has a nostalgic value which means that I will probably start the tradition back up when it’s financially feasible, even if I don’t have kids.

  • Reply Insomniac Lab Rat December 4, 2011 at 09:52

    We don’t get our own tree either, but we’ll be visiting family for Christmas, and everyone we visit will have one. We don’t see any point in having one when we won’t be here for the actual holiday.

    I’m also allergic to the real trees, and while my family will have a fake tree, the in-laws always have a real one which makes me all stuffy.

    I suppose if/when we have kids, we’ll get a tree (fake!) and start building up an ornament collection. Actually, my grandma has sent us an ornament each year that we’ve been married, so maybe by then we’ll already have a small collection!

  • Reply youngandthrifty December 4, 2011 at 21:48

    BF and I just bought our first tree together. Unfortunately its synthetic so hopefully it doesn’t give me cancer.

    We were also really cheap on ornaments- I got two packs of red balls for $2.50 and then the star cost $2 from the dollar store. haha.

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