Link love (Powered by melon salad and long days)

Suddenly, everyone and their cousin is going to police college. Guess that recruitment campaign did its job, huh? My two minted friends have both been lucky enough to be placed at Auckland Central, and more and more people keep popping up who are off to Wellington for their training. T actually applied earlier this year and was turned down without being given a reason, which was a disappointment, but also a relief – cop schedules are even more unsociable than journalists’.

To the links! Special mention goes to this feature outlining what must be the most grisly murder case of the year – it fascinated me when it first broke and continues to do so. Tackling a story like that could not have been easy, so props to Jared (who is also a lovely guy).


At Professionally Social, tips for ballsing up as a noob at events and conferences.

How to stop being afraid of failure, via the Levo League.

To earn more, get in touch with your inner bitch, says Carol Tice.


Budgets Are Sexy introduces the concept of linking income streams to goals.

When should you share how much you make? Via Alexis Grant.

Thousandaire asks if the small business path is the path to true wealth.


I just can’t imagine what it would be like to have a partner diagnosed with cancer. This amazing guest post at APW gives us an idea.

One for those of us with big dreams – what if you change your mind?

Yes and Yes on staying optimistic in a flawed world.


Yes and Yes shares her favourite soup recipes.

Iowa Girl’s easy-peasy Japanese beef bowls.

At Closet Cooking, red pepper and feta mashed potatoes...and snickerdoodles.

How to eat your vegetables without trying, at Dumb Little Man.

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  • Reply Warren Talbot December 4, 2011 at 18:48

    Thank you for including us in your link love today. We are excited to explore the other links and find some new insights and inspiration. Great to know the post touched you.

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