What we spent: November 2011

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A few notes…

Entertainment: A couple of trips to the driving range and one ridiculous $20 parking charge. Plus another $35 or so on food and booze for a low-key housewarming BBQ the weekend after we moved

Home expenses: New (secondhand) fridge, moving truck rental, random bits and pieces like brooms and spoons.

Groceries: Pretty A-OK with that (also included one week from last month)

Savings: On top of regular savings, mostly due to our bond refund from our old place. Excluding the withdrawal of four weeks’ bond, one week’s rent in advance and a week’s letting fee, actual savings would have been about 50% due to the cashflow of moving and time between rent payments – but in reality that cancelled out all savings this month.

Motorbike: Pretty spot on for fuel.

Vehicle (petrol): A little higher than I’d like. It rained a lot last month.

One thought on “What we spent: November 2011

  • Reply addvodka December 17, 2011 at 03:48

    You take the car when it rains instead of walking, that’s why it was higher, right? Maybe a stupid question haha!

    I absolutely hate paying for parking. it’s so unreasonably expensive!

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