Link love (Powered by BBQs and bug bites)

A little bit of looking on the bright side this week:

  • I’m grateful that I decided to go with a reasonably hefty fringe at my last haircut, because my face is looking pretty gruesome as my sunburn from last weekend peels off (I know, I know. Slap on the wrist). I tan, then peel, resulting in patches of dirty looking brown skin all over my face. NOT attractive. The hair hides a lot of it, though.
  • I’m grateful my readership hasn’t slumped since going self-hosted, but I am hugely annoyed that WordPress doesn’t seem to be honouring my scheduled post dates. I line up posts well in advance and this month I’ve been moving a few of them around for various reasons, but it seems the RSS and Twitter links haven’t been getting the memo for the new publish times. A massive SORRY to everyone who’s clicked through to a non-existent post. I grovel, I apologise, and promise that it won’t happen after next week (I have a feeling I may have meddled with one or two of next week’s posts, unfortunately).
  • I’m grateful T’s debilitating eye condition has been diagnosed. Yeah, it’s just been all fun and games on the health front there the past few months. He got sent home twice because his eyes were so effed up he physically couldn’t carry on – red, swollen, itchy, weeping and all around disgusting. I actually couldn’t bring myself to look closely at him. It was nasty. Anyway, apparently he has wicked hayfever, which I think is absolutely hilarious – him, the superman, who always mocks me and my chronic woes. He’s reasonably accommodating when I’m dripping snot or struggling to breathe for long periods, but until you actually experience the misery for yourself, you can never really understand IMO. On the downside, though, work is definitely wearing him down both physically and mentally – not because it’s more taxing than when he worked in trades, but because it’s quite literally sucking the life out of him. He knows I’m completely supportive of him finding something else; the question is what, exactly, that might be.

Just a handful of links for your reading pleasure:

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Happy weekends!

2 thoughts on “Link love (Powered by BBQs and bug bites)

  • Reply krantcents December 15, 2012 at 13:20

    As a much older (66 y.o.) person, I am paying for my indiscretions in the sun. A couple times a year, I have a couple precancerous things frozen off. Be careful, it comes back bites you years later. I may have been more susceptible because I am fair skinned.

  • Reply Kara December 16, 2012 at 06:24

    Thanks so much for the linky love!

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