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We took it slow in Vietnam, spreading our time out over more than a fortnight. I actually wish we’d returned to Thailand earlier and perhaps fitted in a visit to Chiang Mai, but flights were cheapest early in the week, and I wanted to book well in advance in order to lock in good rates.

I’m also going to include spending for our last couple of days in Asia, which were spent back in Bangkok.

hanoi main street


  • June 19 – $46.22 (including shared taxis and meals out with our CS hosts; again, free accommodation)
  • June 18 – $57.28 (including transport to and from airports. Free accommodation through Couchsurfing)


  • June 17 – $56.64
  • June 16 – $15.72 (drinks, etc, aboard the Halong Bay tour, the only exclusions in the price)
  • June 15 – $40.55
  • June 14 – $273.33 (including tickets for overnight Halong Bay cruise)
  • June 13 – $44.94
  • June 12 – $34.49
  • June 11 – $31.42
  • June 10 – $77.05 (including sleeper bus tickets from Hue to Hanoi)
  • June 9 – $71.92 (including motorbike and fuel)
  • June 8 – $73.96 (including motorbike rental and fuel)
  • June 7 – $77.95 (including transport from Hoi An back to Danang)
  • June 6 – $44.55
  • June 5 – $38.73
  • JuneĀ  4 – $65.34 (including transport to Hoi An from Danang)
  • June 3 – $184.93 (including sleeper train tickets up to Danang)
  • June 2 – $97.51
  • June 1 – $64.29
  • May 31 – $48.11
  • May 30 – $40.92
  • May 29 – $33.12

There were some expensive days (e.g. Halong Bay tour and restaurant splurges, especially in the very internationalised Ho Chi Minh) and some cheap ones (particularly while T was sick and not eating much). Overall, though, Vietnam was still a very frugal destination – especially now that we look back on it through a European lens…

6 thoughts on “RTW budget: What it costs to travel in Vietnam

  • Reply krantcents July 5, 2013 at 13:03

    I would think all of southeast Asia would be relatively low cost. I understand Japan is an exception.

  • Reply femmefrugality July 6, 2013 at 16:23

    That’s really not bad at all, though I’m sorry he got sick!!!

  • Reply Wil @ Where's Wil July 24, 2013 at 18:16

    I’m currently traveling throughout Southeast Asia and I think your figures are rather high.
    You may treat yourself better then I do, or be getting taken advantage of, but I usually don’t spend more then $15-20 a day, factoring in tours and transportation.

    I’ve also met travelers whom averaged below $10 a day.

    • Reply eemusings July 25, 2013 at 02:57

      You’ll see we have plenty of days around the $40 mark (all figures are for two people, so right in line with your $20/day) along with more spendy days. This is also in $NZD.

      If you’ve read my final SE Asia breakdown, you’ll see in more detail how we travelled. We weren’t out to spend as little as possible; we were there to enjoy ourselves but still be frugal (we eat a LOT and we didn’t hesitate to splurge as we saw fit). https://nzmuse.com/2013/07/rtw-budget-what-it-costs-to-travel-in-se-asia/ Travel isn’t a pissing contest; there’s always someone out there who’s spent less than you – which is cool, but not our game.

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