Guest post: Room with a view – how to find the best hotel rooms in Rome

Hotel rooms in Rome can be more affordable than you might think – especially off-peak! The difference I saw between early August and late August rates alone was nothing to sniff at. Today’s guest post offers a few more tips for finding accommodation in Rome.

With a population of 2.8 million and covering an area of almost 500 square miles, arriving in Rome can be a little overwhelming.

However, if you’ve already booked a great hotel room in a great location, you’ll quickly find your feet, settle into Italian life and start enjoying your Roman adventure.

But how do you find this great hotel room, we hear you ask?  Well, all it needs is a little bit of research, a touch of organisation and a dash of Italian magic.

Decide on your itinerary

The first thing to do before booking your accommodation is to decide on a rough itinerary.

This should give you a good idea of the areas you’ll be visiting and help to narrow down potential places to base yourself for your trip.

There’s loads of information on the internet about things to do in Rome, so deciding on a sightseeing plan of action shouldn’t be too hard.

Choose an area

Once you’ve decided which of Rome’s many attractions you’re going to prioritise, you should be able to work out where you need your hotel room to be.

A lot of Rome is pretty compact so you should be able to walk between many of the main sights. However, you’ll probably need to use public transport as well, so finding a hotel that has good transport links is essential.

Decide on a budget

The budget that you set aside for your accommodation will have a big impact on the location that you end up in.

The best way to work out a hotel budget is to assess how much you’ve got for your entire trip, take away the cost of museum tickets, meals out and transport and then see what’s left over.

If you’re looking for luxury hotels Rome has a lot to offer, but there are also plenty of cheaper rooms available, so you should be able to find something for every budget.

Go to comparison websites

Once you’ve decided on a location and a budget, the best way to find great deals is to go to a comparison website.

These sites compare the room rates of lots of hotels across the web, so will give you a great idea of what’s available.

Many comparison sites will have reviews of each hotel that they list, so remember to read these as they’ll give you an honest view of what you can expect from each hotel.

All of the time and effort that you put into finding a great hotel room for your Roman break will be more than rewarded when you finally touch down in The Eternal City.

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