Friday Five: Customer service highlights from North America

In which I pay tribute to a few instances where we got great service with minimal drama.

Burrito Boyz in Toronto

Mucked up our order, giving us a spicy instead of a mild. Made up a new burrito and let us have both (win!)

Uno Pizzeria, Chicago

I had a total ‘duh’ moment and realised I’d ordered the wrong size pizza. Turned out it was too late to change things in the kitchen, but our waitress only charged us for the smaller portion in the end.

Outback Restaurant, Irvine

Waitress forgot all about T’s beer, and brought it by after we’d finished our meals. (We still haven’t got the hang of making a fuss about that sort of thing.) Apologies flowed, and she didn’t charge us for it.

Earl of Sandwich, Disneyland

I brought some snacks along with us, but spending a whole day here necessitated the purchase of some food. It took a little psyching up, but I ballsed up and spoke up, as they messed up my order and gave me a horrible flavour combination I didn’t want any part of. I got the right sandwich in the end – and got to keep the other one (which I did also eat most of, and it was indeed revolting).

T-Mobile, somewhere in LA

Instead of charging us $10 to change our card (we needed to downsize ours from a micro to a nano sim), the sales guy gave it to us for free after hearing we would only be in the country for a few more days.

And while I’m on the topic, two thumbs up (and one thumbs down) to Slingshot, the NZ ISP. I gave up on their signup process as the system insisted my credit card details were invalid, went to eat dinner, and after that, decided to revive my existing account with Orcon instead. Saving roughly $50 over 12 months was not worth the headache with Slingshot. Alas, Slingshot called me right after I got off the phone with Orcon (and apparently tried calling a couple of times while I was on the phone) to see if they could help me finish the signup process. Sorry, guys, if you’d been 10 minutes earlier…! Not impressed, though, that Slingshot kept bugging me with multiple calls a couple of days later (last night). Enough is enough, and I hope that’s the end of that. I will definitely reconsider at the end of our contract, but for now I’m set.

Had any amazing/terrible customer service lately?

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Customer service highlights from North America

  • Reply Stephanie November 30, 2013 at 05:29

    You got good customer service from T-Mobile! I am awed.

  • Reply KK @ Student Debt Survivor December 3, 2013 at 16:51

    LL Bean has the best customer service I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been a loyal customer for years (well since I started shopping on my own). I can’t tell you the number of times they’ve gone above and beyond. My sister once returned a backpack she’d had for over 10 years (the stitching was coming apart). It was obviously just old, but they gave her a brand new one for free, despite the fact she got more than her “money’s worth” from the bag. Just one example, I have many others. Very proud that they’re a Maine based company 🙂

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