Carnival of Personal Finance #455: Books, tax refunds, growing up and more

Curating great reads is one of my hobbies, as regular readers know (when was the last time I missed a weekly Link Love?) and doing it for a blog carnival is extra fun.

You might’ve noticed the new look, trimmed down carnival over the past few weeks. IMO, it’s definitely a good thing, as focusing on quality is always a savvy move … and speaking of which, being savvy about money is definitely a common theme this week:

Blogs are where I’ve picked up most of my (limited) financial knowledge, but sometimes it’s hard to beat a good book. Miranda at Prairie Eco Thrifter shares five books that changed her outlook on money and Harry at Your PF Pro reviews The Big Short, packing in some of his own reflections about Wall St, investing and greed vs stupidity.

I’m grateful to have a job I genuinely adore (I might have to pen a post on that…) although Mr. 4HWD argues that work is a lot more fun when you don’t have to work (I’m sure!) while Krant Cents asks if you work to live or live to work.

Are you getting a tax refund? If so, both Monica on Money and The Broke Professional suggested some smarter ways to spend your windfall.

Growing up can involve some painful lessons. For starters, you need to get these 5 documents in order, courtesy of Stay at Home Economics, and like Natalie you might have a student loan to contend with, or you might find yourself in the middle of an unsettling encounter with a stranger demanding money ala Emily from Evolving Personal Finance.

Let’s wrap it up on a positive note! In the quest for financial success, Adam from Stop Worrying About Money reminds us to focus on small steps. Start by pledging to Do 1% Better. It doesn’t get more manageable than that.

Get in on the action at carnivalofpersonalfinance.com next week.

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