Political blunders

Dear oh dear, Melissa Lee’s gone and done it again.  lee_2301

First the whole brouhaha about her saying the overground Waterview motorway would stop crims from South Auckland coming to Mt Albert (really? Makes zero sense to me), and last night’s unapologetic comment at the candidates meeting at Auckland University. “You guys are obviously students and do not watch television. I did actually say I made a mistake and I was sorry.”

When will she learn? I can’t help but admire her feistiness and her speaking her own mind. But she’s obviously very fresh as a politician. Why would you want to alienate a massive group of students like that? The Mt Albert electorate includes Kingsland, Western Springs, Waterview, Avondale… suburbs with high student populations, with lots of flatting situations including students, recent grads and young workers.

Not a smart move.

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