Confessions of an eco-failure

I don’t mean for this to be the whatever the opposite of a humble brag is. I’m not here to revel in my terribleness.

But I’m just not in a place to prioritise some things at this stage in my life – so here are my confessions.

I basically don’t use cloth nappies anymore

Life’s too busy now I’m working full-time. I hate to think how many disposable nappies we go through in a week – daycare changes him every 2 hours. Obviously we don’t see the full impact of that in our rubbish at home, so it’s partially a case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

Or cloth wipes

Ditto the above.

We’re bringing so much stuff into our lives that often winds up in landfill

We buy secondhand, accept hand-me-downs and make do without wherever possible. But some things you just gotta buy new. Like a bottle brush – and the amount of packaging around that was insane.

We go through a lot of gas drops as Spud has a sensitive/immature gut and ongoing digestive issues. Bottle, after bottle, after bottle, although at least those are recyclable. Ditto his formula cans. Neocate comes in tiny little 900g tins so we go through them fast.

And my bugbear – paper towels. I never use them; T uses them constantly. It’s just not a fight worth having. At least they’re compostable.

One cool thing about my workplace is there’s a soft plastics recycling bin. That said … I’ve often gotten lazy and take the easy way out of dumping wrappers in the normal bin that’s right by my desk. I should absolutely make more of an effort.

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