Money & marriage: Navigating the awkward conversations and more

money for couples - money and marriage

True story. When I was in my teens, the most important advice my parents saw fit to pass on to me about relationships was to get tested … to check that my partner and I were genetically compatible.

Honestly, there are so many more things it’s important to be compatible about in daily life. Like housework, and leisure time … and money.

When a saver + spender come together, there’s so much to compromise on. The little stuff, like snack runs to the corner shop. The big stuff, like planning and paying for trips, through to saving for the future.

And navigating through all the stuff is HARD. Talking about it, let alone managing it!

When financial coaches Saver Street reached out to me about their new offerings, I was stoked to see how deep their program for couples went. They’ve got a free Money & Marriage Conversations Checklist to kick things off, as well as a 5-week Money & Marriage course that dives into all the juicy stuff to help you get on the right track. There’s guidance on some of the most common financial issues facing couples, like:

  • Agreeing on big expenses
  • How to give gifts
  • Putting together a budget
  • Deciding who plays what role in the finances

Each week there’s a quiz for you to take individually as well as prompts for reflection. Then, you come together to reconvene using the guides for discussion, and you can join the group coaching calls if that’s your kinda jam.

I LOVE that Week 3 looks at how love languages and money intersect. I’m such a huge nerd for psychology and self-development; and so very very much of personal finance is mental and emotional. Our backgrounds impact everything, whether it’s how we view money or approach parenting.

There’s essential insights to be had around spending personalities, and they get real and honest about combining finances (including when it may not be the right time/move for you now. Let’s face it, this is not the best idea for everyone!)

And importantly, it all culminates with practical steps: building a budget and action plan, and agreeing on roles and responsibilities – who does what, with super specific, nitty gritty tasks from managing taxes through to car maintenance.

If that sounds like something that’d be helpful for you, you can sign up for the Money & Marriage course here for 20% off today. 

One thought on “Money & marriage: Navigating the awkward conversations and more

  • Reply David @ Filled With Money March 23, 2021 at 14:30

    Great point. I mean money causes almost half of all divorce so being financially incompatible is a HUGE deal breaker for many folks.

    That’s why there’s FIRE dating apps out there so all of that screening work has already been done for you 😉

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