5 books that just might change your life (by women!)


One of my favourite – and most popular – posts is my round up of books to help you shift your money trajectory, all by women.

I thought I’d follow that up with a post on life-changing books more generally that have had a big impact on me the past couple of years. Must-reads that have fuelled my personal growth and expanded my horizons.

The Source by Tara Swart

If you couldn’t get through The Secret, this is for you. Penned by a doctor, this science-backed book is the most level-headed writing I’ve  come across on the neuroscience of manifestation and mindset.

Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott

If you’ve been working on yourself for a while and are ready to excavate some deeper shit, well, this is the clearest writing I’ve ever read on shadow work. Heaps of practical prompts to latch on to (this one’s written by a by a doctor of philosophy).

Trust Yourself by Melody Wilding

You a fellow overthinker? Always second guessing and doubting yourself? Overly sensitive? This will be so validating for you.

And, this book just might help you start to work with yourself, not struggle against yourself; build that self-trust muscle and tune into your inner voice. Your gut, heart, intuition – whatever you want to call it – is wiser than you might think.

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay Gibson

Again, a book that will be so incredibly validating if it resonates for you (and let’s face it, I think it will for 99% of humans to varying degrees).

I would nominate this as my book of the year in the year I read it. It shone a light and explained so much. It helped me understand so much. And it helped me come to terms with so much.

The Abundance Code by Julie Ann Cairns

This is a great read on expanding your financial mindset and breaking through money blocks and beliefs. She lays them out in a clear, linear fashion and demonstrates how they naturally follow on from each other. Extra interesting, IMO, because her background is in hard finance/trading/economics, so it’s very grounded, not very woo, and lots of practical techniques and evidence to augment each point.

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