• Inspiration

    Sometimes our humdrum everyday journalism makes me cringe. i’ll flick through the newspaper and sympathise with the reporters who have to write about petrol prices, or rates increases, or funding for schools. but i was really proud today to read the herald’s stuff on nia glassie. i hadn’t really been able to bring myself to read more than the bare details of the case; it saddened and horrified me too much. but today i read it all every single word. i was disgusted, revolted, and i imagine the journos were too. but they made good on an incredibly hard job. it reminds me of something robert fisk said when he spoke at aut. We have to be impartial, yes, but on the side of those who are suffering.
    i hope one day i will be able to write with the same grace and empathy they did.

  • So I got my copy of Verve with my two stories published (although without a byline) last week, along with my cheque. YAY!!

    However – my wharf story was hideously edited and chopped out any mention of opposing viewpoints. I was so proud of managing to get comment from an informed resident who didn’t agree with the proposal. That was ALL edited out. Pretty disappointed. I hope to be able to use the story in full next year for my portfolio, and maybe follow the issue up later as well seeing as it’s going to be an ongoing one. Just goes to show how much business interests affect editorial. I guess they wouldn’t want to piss off one of their big supporters.

    I desperately hope the lady I interviewed does not see the mag, seeing as after all that hassle, everything I wrote about her was cut – and she was so passionate.