• Huh

    So Helen Clark lived her student years without a record player and worked weekends in the “long holidays”, did she?


    Well, most of us work at least 2-3 days DURING the semester, and more in the short holidays as well as the long ones.

    How much more proof do you need to show how out of touch politicians are with us?

  • Money makes the world go round

    SO they’ve been talking about introducing a universal student allowance, but considering the amount it would cost it’s never been implemented. But of course it’s going to be an ugly ...

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  • sad but true

    My eyes are -6.5, out of -8.00 I believe. That’s pretty frickin close to blind and I’m all of 20 years old. And after a little reading looks like I ...

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  • If I ruled….

    I’d stop taxing students secondary tax on their second jobs. Most of us don’t do it for fun, we do it because we have to and one job doesn’t always ...

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  • Lovey dovey

    So just where do they get all these doves? They seem to be a staple of funerals lately (or at least the high profile ones). Is there a secret dove ...

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  • It’s been a bad day…

    I am so incredibly mad. I just can’t believe the sheer rudeness and unprofessionalism of certain insurance agents. I don’t recall a single good experience I’ve had with insurance companies, ...

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