• Hello world!

    Moving on from my occasional exam-induced ramblings on a certain networking site, I’m actually going to keep a dedicated blog. Hopefully I’ll manage to keep it from degenerating into lame everyday one-line updates (that’s what facebook status is for after all) – because really I want to make this something I wouldn’t be ashamed to have anyone read.

    SO I’ve been immersed in Fashion Week photos since Tuesday, and as little as I know/care about high fashion, I totally loved the Cybele show. Loved the colours, loved the prints. Also up there was Juliette Hogan; wouldn’t wear most of it but hell it looked good on the models. But the standout for me was the Trelise Cooper kids’ show…how adorable…they were the cutest little things, though i can’t imagine they enjoyed the makeup and the hair teasing. And I now know why they send them down the runway in pairs.

    On a rather more boring note, I’ve finally decided to start a price book! I can’t do anything about rocketing food prices but after rent, food and groceries are my biggest expenses so I’m gonna do whatever I can to keep those under control. In theory over time I’ll get to know sale cycles and know what a good price for something is, and what stuff to get from where (we alternate between Pak and Slave and Countdown).